Monday, November 18, 2013


Over a two-week period last month, Doris O. Wong Associates, Inc., a court reporting firm in Boston since 1967, provided its clients with almost 3,000 pages of daily copy transcripts for an arbitration.  But what made this assignment extraordinary is that it showcased the value of interactive realtime (IR) over the internet to a degree not seen before. 

Beyond text streaming, Cloud allowed the 40 attorneys in the room, the three arbitrators, and dozens of people offsite and around the country to receive a continuous realtime feed of the live testimony using CVNet Cloud, a product that was just released by Stenograph.  While reading the testimony, counsel and support staff were able to search, mark, annotate, copy and paste, and print desired testimony.  Using the live IR testimony and the thousands of documents on- and off-site, counsel and support staff were able to immediately react and respond to developments as they happened.

Anyone with a laptop or iPad could participate.  They just needed to download the free CaseViewNet software or iCVNet APP, and they were ready to go.  The court reporter used her laptop to serve as the hub.  Testimony was encrypted and sent securely over the Internet which transmitted the live feed onsite and remotely over the Cloud.  Wong’s clients were able to log onto the session with a simple Product Key and password provided by the court reporter.  Anyone logging in late would have the benefit of the full testimony along with the edited corrections thanks to the Instant Refresh feature.

Distance and travel time are no longer considerations when attendance at a meeting is a must.  Thanks to talented court reporters using the latest state-of-the-art technology, attorneys can conduct their business, serve their clients, and make the most efficient use of their valuable time without being physically present in the deposition or hearing room. 

Three court reporters covered this assignment:  Carol Kusinitz, RPR; Jane Williamson, RMR, CRR; and Anne Bohan, RDR, CRR.  Together they have over 100 years of collective experience with Doris O. Wong Associates, Inc.

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